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Dr. Pamoukian Board Certified Vascular Surgeon

Dr. Vicken Pamoukian lives in New York City and has spent his entire life striving for excellence as a Physician and Surgeon. As a dedicated surgeon, he enjoys the intellectual and personal aspect of practicing Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Surgery.

Dr. Vicken Pamoukian - Board Certified Vascular Surgeon

Awards & Honors

  • Dr. Vicken Pamoukian - Newyork Best Doctors
  • Dr. Vicken Pamoukian - Castle Top Doctors


Comprehensive care for a wide range of vascular disorders using the latest technology and a customized plan of action for superior outcomes

Areas of Expertise

Dr Pamoukian employs the latest technology and creates a custom plan of action that suits the individual patient best. His areas of expertise in cosmetic venous surgery and advanced arterial diseases, puts him at the forefront of patients with vascular disorders.

Cosmetic Vein Treatments

Laser Surgery for Unsightly Veins

Endovenous laser ablation is a minimally invasive, image-guided treatment for varicose veins in which laser energy is utilized to cauterize (burn) and close the abnormal veins that result in varicose veins.

Advanced Arterial Disease

Angioplasty for Peripheral Artery Disease

This minimally invasive procedure involves placing a catheter into the narrowed artery and then inflating a balloon at the catheter tip to open the lumen and allow more blood flow.

A Vascular Surgeon with Unique Expertise

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Dr. Pamoukian is one of the few Vascular Surgeons in the New York and Tri-State area offering specialized surgical treatment for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, a condition in which the thoracic outlet, a small passageway from the neck to the arm containing blood vessels, nerves, and muscle undergoes compression.

Safe Spinal Access

He is also one of the few Vascular Surgeons in the area offering assistance to Spine Surgeons performing Fusion Surgery through the anterior approach by helping them gain safe spinal access while protecting the important vascular structures.

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  • This man has saved my mothers life on several occasions. Simply thankful and grateful. God bless you.
  • This He is a terrific surgeon with a great sense of humor. I'm terrified of needles and he sat with me before surgery, walked me into the OR himself. His patience was unlimited and he never made me feel like I was wasting his time.. I can't recommend him enough you.
  • Dr. Pamoukian was amazing. I needed to get varicose vein removal via laser ablation. He explained to me in detail what the procedure entailed and exactly what vein he would be using the laser on and how it would work. He is so nice and really cares about his patients.
  • I had such a great experience. This was my first time here and the staff was so friendly and helpful. You could tell Dr. Pamoukian and the clinical staff really cared. I will definitely come back here for all my follow up visits.

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