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Back to normal: State trooper on the mend after risky spine surgery

Pamoukian said Antonelli’s back was the most dangerous case he had ever worked on. Pamoukian had to operate between two major heart vessels, and had very little room for error - less than a millimeter.

“We talked at length about what we were going to do for him and how we’re going to get these discs out,” Pamoukian said.

“The tough part was to create a roadway and a road map to get down to the spine, because everything was so stuck there and everything was so glued in the back from the previous surgery.

“I feel lucky to be able to participate in giving someone a chance to go back to his normal life,” Pamoukian said. "That’s the most important thing in life, to get back to your normal self.”

Doctors said Antonelli had a 25% to 50% chance of dying on the operating table during the two-day procedure.

Source: New York Daily News
Mar 22, 2019 at 6:00 am

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